Machinery resources parameters – CNC milling:

• worktable parameters: 700 mm x 520 mm,
• X-axis 510 mm,
• Y-axis 510 mm,
• Z-axis 510 mm,

We continually expand our technical portfolio. Thanks to our rich and developing machinery resources, we can manufacture even the most complicated elements.

We produce small- and long-scale batches using the provided documentation or specimens.
And we try to execute your orders ASAP.

Our CNC milling services include:

• acid-proof stainless steel milling,
• stainless steel milling,
• aluminum milling,
• brass milling,
• plastics milling.

All produced workpieces may be further machined, which means:

• grinding & polishing,
• induction & laser hardening,
• electroplating (24 karat gold plating as well),
• welding & bending.
• laser engraving (logos, inscriptions, brands).


We carry out your orders from top to bottom. After agreeing the scope of machining, we accept other requests regarding CNC milling of workpieces, such as polishing, hardening, welding, electroplating, or assembling separate components..

So that you can settle all issues with just one contractor.
This means that you will get a final product..


We pay special attention to time-keeping and high quality of CNC milling services. We stick to the carefully designed rules encompassing detailed quality control of milled workpieces at every step of CNC manufacturing processes.

Every produced workpiece is closely examined.

Our customers can personally verify the quality of workpieces when they are being produced or during the audit of manufacturing processes in our factory in Sosnowiec.

Each day, we strive for being an honest and trustworthy partner. Years of experience of CNC operators and top quality equipment and tools guarantee accuracy and timeliness. We improve skills of our employees and streamline processes all the time in order to guarantee the highest quality of our services.