Feel welcome to try our machining services.

Our CNC turning services include:
• CNC turning steel, non-ferrous metals (brass, aluminum) and plastics,
• CNC milling steel, non-ferrous metals (brass, aluminum) and plastics,
• band-saw cutting.
After machining, all produced workpieces may be further processed, which means:
• grinding & polishing,
• induction & laser hardening,
• electroplating (and 24 karat gold plating),
• welding & bending,
• laser engraving (logos, inscriptions, brands).

Frezowanie CNC CAM

Frezowanie na tokarce

Machinery Resources Parameters – CNC Milling:

worktable parameters: 700 mm x 520 mm,
X-axis – 510 mm,
Y-axis – 510 mm,
Z-axis – 510 mm,

toczenie frezowanie cnc

Machinery Resources Parameters – CNC turning:

workpiece length: 600 mm,
workpiece diameter: 290 mm,

Driven tools, axes: X, Z, C