About us

TASO was established in 2001 as a manufacturing and trading company.
We specialize in broadly defined CNC machining.
This means especially CNC turning of steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and plastics.

We manufacture turned and milled parts, in both small- and long-scale batches. Thanks to the high-end machinery resources, all the workpieces produced using CNC turning & milling technology are precise and reproducible.  We are not afraid of any task.

We produced many technologically challenging turned workpieces for petroleum industry, as well as specially designed, ultra-high-precision parts for premium customers.

Stunning precision and quality of our products have regularly been praised. Some parts were manufactured specially for French embassies, Dior boutiques, and the most expensive apartment in the world (penthouse in Monaco’s Odeon Tower, worth around 300 million EUR).

Our business area is not limited to just Poland. We provide CNC services for contracting parties from the whole Europe.

What is more, we have been distributing tesa adhesive tapes for industrial clients since 2008.
Our current offer comprises tesa tapes based on 2000 different adhesives employed in just about every branch.
Moreover, we produce printed tapes and custom shapes.
Find all the products in our store www.tasmytesa.pl


Our basic services include:
• CNC turning,
• CNC milling,
• cutting.

All produced workpieces may be further machined, which means:
• grinding & polishing,
• induction & laser hardening,
• electroplating (24 karat gold plating as well),
• welding & bending,
• laser engraving (logos, inscriptions, brands).